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A lot goes into the content we see in magazines, on websites and scrolling through social media. Having a specialized team with a figurative and literal tackle box of resources makes all the difference on photo shoot days. From brand consulting to shoot production to day of photography and styling to writing final copy, our team has the tools to create content that stands out.



We are a creative services team specializing in art direction, commercial photography, styling and editorial writing. We strive to create and share inviting, inspiring and intentional compositions -- in print and online. Whether we're producing photo sets or creating online content, the goal is the same: Make something breathtaking.


FERN got its name from the simple, tapered, repetitive lines of the fern leaf. The fern isn't flashy but it's beautiful. It's lush but isn't overdone. It's not feminine. It's not masculine. It can grow to be quite large but still has plenty of fine details if you look closely. It can look great next to any number of other colors, flowers and environments. That's how we feel about our work: Versatile, current, lovely.