Finding Simple


As a stylist, my job is finding the balance between enough and not too much. Too much propping in a photo looks cramped and forced. Too much editing out feels unfinished. In rooms it's the same: I'm not a minimalist and I'm not a maximalist. I'm comfortable to sit in the middle. But like a stylist, I keep a lot of alternative options at an arms length.

My home is styled. Not too much, not too little. But that doesn't mean the closets, shelves and our studio prop room aren't overflowing with extras to sub in and out. Some I haven't used in a decade but they follow each move with a thought of "maybe in the new place?" But what if my closets and shelves could breathe a bit more? What if I let go of the things that aren't serving a purpose other than things to dust, pack and unpack? Artwork that I have but don't have the motivation to hang, throws that are too scratchy to use, objects that I don't love or were so trendy when purchased that they are out of style now.

After reading several blog articles and books all hinting that less stuff = happier, easier living, I'm convinced. I've already cut my wardrobe down by 30% with clothes to donate, cut our movie collection by 50%, and this week I'll be working on decor. I want to specify that we aren't becoming minimalists. We'll still have our home decorated, I'll still have dresses in the back of my closet for nice events, Austin will still have extra cameras that bring him joy but not functionality. But we're trimming down the excess. The stuff we store. I won't have to ask my objects if they bring me joy, I know if they are useful or beautiful or not.

I can still act like a stylist in my professional life but in my home, I would rather be content without extra options in storage. I'd rather investigate what piece would really be great in the space and save up for it. I'd rather get us to a place where the next time we move, we aren't surprised by forgotten boxes left unpacked from the last time. We're going for simplicity with a hint of minimalism.

What are the things that you have a hard time parting with? Are there games, dishes, jeans, hair products, etc. that take up storage space but never get used? Could other people get better use out of those things if they were donated? Would you remember them once they're out of your house?

Here's to emptier closets by the end of the weekend!